Company Name
Address102, Building A2, Lihezhigu Industrial Zone, No.2082, Jincheng Road, Shajing Town,,Bao'An District,ShenZhen City,PR China.
President Director
Steven Fu
Established TimeMarch 14, 2016
Employee Num
33 Employee
BusinessPrecision plastic mold, mold accessories development, design, manufacturing, export and so on.

Project Management
At YAMANAMI, we provide project management for each project from kick off meeting to final project closing, to be sure customer requirements and needs are completely met as required and needed. We have senior project manager can guide and optimize from original concept, part design, rapid prototype, mold 3D design, project schedule, machining process, trial and production, be efficient and reasonable to meet target, be good contact window with customer, we are creating win-win cooperation as your partners!
Engineering Management
We have engineering team to support us, full 3D system for all working process ensures us to work in a high efficient status. Preliminary and second design reviews for each project to be sure the designs are reasonable, be sure designs are convenient for fabrication and final production.
Mold flow analysis can offer us a great support to optimize mold designs and part designs, to check all the potential injection issues before mold making, we have learned a lot from our project, and never stop to improve us with new technology.
Mold Manufacturing
Once closed mold design, then we will start ordering mold base and steel first, meanwhile to embark on machining drawings, each week we update the machining schedule with pictures, our project manager and tooling manager will fully track and manage the machining process, till to mold trial.
For each machining process, we do measuring and keep records for tracking, to be sure the steel dimensions are under correct tolerance, if any machining issues or delay from mold making process, we will make priority to catch up schedule, to be sure the mold trial will be tested within promised lead time.
Mold Trial & Production
We have checking list standard to check each mold trial and injection production, for T1 we check from part design, mold design, mold movements, injection parameters, and dimension aspect, we open all T1 issues and have meeting with mold designer, mold maker, project manager, mold manager, injection guy to close all open issues together.
After mold trial we provide injection parameter report and test report with solution to customer, meanwhile to start part dimension measuring, mold fixing, mold checking, till to close all the open points, then arrange mold shipping with mold instructions.
Mold Manufacturing
Final tooling inspection and packaging
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