We offer the following services
If we have the opportunity to become a partner and serve you, we will try our best to provide you with competitive price, quality service, reliable cooperation, we can provide you with the following services.
★ Plastic Molds
Mold design and manufacturing.
★CNC Machining
Mold inserts, mold parts, plastic products and metal parts.
★Injection Molding
Plastic products by injection molding.
Normally, we based on part 2D & 3D to make DFM analysis, to analyze all mold design concept, on the other hand we check all open issues and potential issues which are from part design, and provide our professional suggestion to improve part design.
DFM is the first gate to control mold quality, need to focus and pay more attention for this first step, we provide DFM to customer for review and approval, to agree between each other, if any quality issue that customer can't change part design, we will explain and convince customer to make quality part and mold, we open the issue and provide positive solution for customer.
The second gate is mold 3D design, we provide mold 3D to customer for review and approval, but we don't rely on customer approval, we are professional, we check and review mold 3D design by self if the design can be better for mold making and injection, customer feedback we take as reference if any design will affect part function, we control and check the engineering quality by self.
DFM is the first gate, mold 3D is the second gate, we close the 2 gates by self, if the 2 gates managed well, the mold making will be convenient and easy, the injection molding will be quality and efficient.
CNC Machining(MoldAccessories&Prototype)
We manufacture any mold inserts, mold components, plastic and metal prototypes as well.
We made a lot of mold inserts and components for Japanese European and American customers, as in order to combine all resources together and save leading time,customers only asked us to make mold inserts, they made mold base by self, this can control shipping time and cost, we only need to control the dimensions to be under tolerance, then send all inserts to Japan, customer will make final assembly by self and make mold test directly, for precision mold no need mold fitting, this is the difference than traditional mold making: do not do mold fitting, no mold fitting, just do final assembly.
We serve many parts design companies, and some projects require less than 100 sets of samples, or less. We do not need to spend too much cost to do the mold, we use plastic and metal direct CNC cutting, to make the final product, surface treatment. Products can meet the design function, suitable for small batch.
Injection molding is a process to check mold design and mold making, if any NG is from design and making, we can find from injection. Normally, we make mold T1 to check mold quality, we need to follow final production parameters to check from mold movements, such as ejector pins, lifters, slider's movements, the most important we need to check carefully for the plastic parts, inside and outside, visible or not visible, to find out all the issues then fix as the quality control, this is the work and meaning from mold T1 and fixing.
For T1 as the results are hard to meet final needs, so we need to re-test mold or small batch's production to check how is the quality of mold, normally, after 4 hours injection all the issues can be revealed, this is a necessary step for mold checking, for big mold as cycle time is too long, need to base on actual status to judge if need more time to check from injection.
At the beginning of injection as the parameters are not stable so it's not good to check dimensions and other function, normally, after 30 or 50 shots then can treat as normal status to make QC checking, most of the parts after injection then can be used as final parts for assembly.
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